Survey Companies - N-Z

   Redeemable options include Amazon gift cards, Citi gift cards and my favorite, Paypal.   Surveys range from 10-75 points.  10 points is worth $1.00.  

  Redeemable options include checks or donations.  Minimum balance required to redeem is $10.00. 

Resolution Research
   Redeemable options include Visa prepaid cards.  3.6 points is worth $1.00.

   Receive Survey Dollars for taking part - which you can redeem for a personal check or charity donation. 

   Redeemable for a check. 

   Reedemable options include PayPal payments.  1000 points is equal to $10. 

   $10 minimum balance required for redemption.   Types of rewards increases with higher redemptions. For example, with $25 you can redeem for an Amazon gift card or PayPal.  
Synovate   Redeemable options include vouchers for several stores.  5,000 points is worth $5.

   Redeemable options include cash rewards.  60,000 points is worth $20.00.

Valued Opinions 
  Reedemable options include gift cards for Amazon, Macys, Marriott, Visa and more.

   Redeemable for products like music downloads, DVDs, and more.  Recently they added gift cards, including codes.