Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Focus Group - Orcas - Families

Thank you for your past interest in helping us with our research at ORCAS. Do you have a child that is between 11 and 14 who seems to struggle with a low mood?

  Families that are qualified to help us test an on-line program can earn $300 ($200 for the parent and $100 for the youth):
•    Must have a youth ages  11 - 14
•    Must have an email address and access to the internet
•    Must reside in the U.S. and be able to speak and read English

ORCAS is testing a program designed to prevent depression in teens with funding for the National Institute of Mental Health.  Your feedback and opinions about the program will help us make it better.

All research study participation is conducted online and over the phone with you and your child, and information is confidential. There are no marketing or sales involved.
To see if you are qualified, please complete a short survey at: